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Remote Landscapes Under The Southern Cross

Whether you choose the blazing sun and seascapes of The Kimberley or the spectacular icescapes of New Zealand’s islands, you’ll experience some of the most pristine landscapes this planet has to offer. For adventure of a truly epic spirit, the Kimberley has few equals. Here you can glide so close to a waterfall you can feel the mist in your face, or search for raptors in vast wetlands while the world’s largest alligator lurks just beneath the surface. And while sweeping views are certainly abundant in every corner of The Kimberley, it is the glory of the details, viewed close up, that bring you the most rewarding memories – cruising so close to a whale you can see the barnacles on his back, or browsing through a rock art gallery painted over 20,000 years ago.

Dramatic scenery and incredible wildlife spectacles vie for your attention in New Zealand’s rarely visited Sub-Antarctic Islands. Silver Discoverer visits all five island groups — each an island unto itself. The geographical isolation from the mainland and each other has shaped the remarkable biodiversity; and all are epicentres of evolution. Here you can cruise within feet of a rare, Yellow-eyed Penguin, admire a Wandering Albatross lifting his enormous wings to take flight, or witness the raw power of an 800-lb (400 kg) bellowing sea lion bull staking out his territory.

Wyndham is our gateway to the breathtaking Bungle Bungle mountain range in Purnulul National Park, a World Heritage Site — and with good reason. For more than 350 million years, nature has shaped geological formations of giant orange and black striped domes rising out of the ground, a landscape unlike anything you have ever seen. Known to the local aborigines for hundreds of years, the Bungles were only discovered by the outside world in the mid 1980’s. Silver Discoverer guests will have the possibility to participate in an inclusive over flight for an aerial view of these glorious panoramas, as well as seeing the majestic, man-­made Lake Argyle, and Argyle Diamond Mine, area from the air (applicable to all Kimberley region voyages except 9407).

Australia & New Zealand

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